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BJB ( Regional Development Bank of West Java and Banten )

BJB ( Regional Development Bank of West Java and Banten ) is the largest banking financial institution in Indonesia which are private -owned regional government of West Java and Banten . The Integrated Company serving the people who need credit and savings not only for the community but the entire Jabar Banten Indonesia because Indonesia BJB Bank has branches and units outside its territory . Just like other banks , Bank Jabar Banten also melalani the medium through micro credit with monthly mortgage process easy and relatively inexpensive . Bank BJB Tbk has also teamed up with other companies , both private and government, such as PT Telkom , PDAM , PLN and so that the public is more convenient to pay monthly bills . State Bank of West Java and Banten re- open the selection of employees with the following qualifications : Frontliner and Junior Staff requirements : Male or Female D3 all majors look attractive Computer literate Single or never married How to register online job selection is done by the system . Further information and additional information please Check here To find out more details about the information Latest Jobs Bank BJB October 2013 you can visit directly through the official sources below . Thanks for visiting , If you want to know the latest information please click on Latest Jobs 2013.
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