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I am a 13 year old, who babysits

I am a 13 year old, who babysits in three houses, because that junkie, ***** a mother, Cristina, spends all her money in going to clubs, getting drunk out of her mind, etc.

My school fees and most of the house expenses are paid by my brother, who has a job as a neurosurgeon. And still, my mom has the audacity to tell me that me, "Your brother is just a piece of ****, who has left, leaving me the burden of taking care of you. Maybe... even he has realised what a worthless person you are," leaving me numb.

Every night, she comes home heavily drunk, and starts breaking things. She tells me how she wishes me dead, and how she would gladly kill me if she could get away with it. It saddens me actually, because even though I was never really close to her and we never had that perfect 'mother-daughter' relationship, at the end of the day...even I crave for the motherly affection.
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