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Thank you to whoever takes the time

Thank you to whoever takes the time to read and/or respond. Without further ado...
I'm 16, and I am a Junior in High-school. Since about 5th grade, I have been depressed. It all started with my house burning down, and then constant moving after my parents divorced and we were homeless for a while. I also had a lot of bullies to deal with at school, and also suffered from vernal abuse from my own parents and siblings- which, I still do.
I also just got out of a relationship with someone I felt strongly for.
I have no self esteem, and no real desire to continue battling depression. I often become suicidal, but thankfully I'm strong enough to push the thoughts aside. I've been cutting my food intake and have also been sleeping for only 4 hours or so a night. This has just started about a week or two ago. It's not like it's purpose; I just lost most of my appetite and find myself restless.
I can barely focus in class because of overwhelming sadness and ache in my chest.
I am sick of living this life. How can I become happy?
My family treats me like ****, and so do people at school. I'm lost.
I'm sorry for this long list of complaints, but venting helps.. And I could really use some advice,


- Jack

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